Consign or Trade in Your Watch

Bezel House has been facilitating consignment services exclusively for our customers and their timepieces since 2018. We look forward to continuing to provide you with a platform to sell your timepieces.

Our general consignment terms are as follows. Special terms can be discussed for repeat or high volume engagements.

  1. Every timepiece will need to be reviewed by our team, before listing or promoting on our sales channels.
  2. Only genuine products will be listed. A fee of $65 may apply for any watches that cannot be authenticated by a visual inspection. The consignor will be informed of this cost prior to the authentication service being provided. 
  3. The consignor will provide a list price and a minimum acceptable price for their items. We will negotiate on your behalf between the list price and the minimum acceptable price
  4. The Consignor may withdrawn the listing at any time prior to a sale, without penalties
  5. The Consignor will be consulted, if an offer is received below the minimum acceptable price
  6. Bezel House will charge a 15% consignment fee based on the final sale price. All listings will be subject to a minimum fee of $50 and a maximum fee of $600
  7. The minimum fee of $50 shall be payable to Bezel House, if the Consignor decides to cancel the listing at any point. This fee covers the initial costs related to the product listing e.g. photos, cleaning, listing content, etc.
  8. Shipping / insurance costs will be incurred by the Consignor or buyer (as determined as part of the transaction)
  9. Our preferred payment method for consignments is e-transfer, however in some cases a credit card payment may be received e.g. online, out of country sales. For such transactions, any related fees will be paid for by the Consignor.
  10. Funds will be released to the Consignor once the buyer has received and reviewed the item e.g. out of town purchases

In order for us to prepare the listing and appropriately market the timepiece, please fill out our Consignment Drop Off Form at this LINK  or send an email to with the following info 

  1. Make and specific model #
  2. Date and place of purchase
  3. Confirmation if the following items are included - Box, Warranty Card, Receipt, Typically included documentation
  4. Confirmation if the following items are included - Original bracelet / straps (including links)
  5. List price - as shown on our website
  6. Minimum price you will accept - we negotiate for a price between the list price and the minimum price on your behalf
  7. Confirmation if you are ok with the watch being displayed in our store. We will need to inspect every watch before listing and promoting on our sales channels